Joshua Wilson of Joshua Wilson Consulting in a blue suit, white shirt, and blue tie, on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis, IndianaImproving performance.

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Accurate information is fundamental. If you’re not there yet, we can help. Automation eliminates errors and energizes your workday. We’re here for you. Insightful analytics drive optimal business decisions. We can be your go-to partner.

Is that long calculation error-prone? Do you hate the way that spreadsheet looks? Should that repetitive email be automated? Does your staff need an app that will take pictures and instantly send a sales quote? Talk to Josh to see how we can help you add value to your organization and make your workday easier.

Consulting Expertise & Competencies

Consulting Client Testimonials

“Josh has been working with our company, Regal Custom Painting for over a year on various projects and has done an excellent job on everything he puts his hand to, making our jobs much easier.” -Craig Lorenzini, Chief Financial Officer, Regal Custom Painting

“I needed Josh’s help and he delivered. Despite my hectic schedule, Josh was able to work with me at odd hours to get the job done. He turned 3 years of unorganized data and made it usable and for a reasonable cost. My future cost savings will be massive now that I can use my data intelligently. What Josh charged me pales in comparison to my future cost savings. You need Josh if you have a good size business with multiple moving parts and data that can be used to your advantage.” -Matthew Lein, Partner, Lein Law Offices

“Our business had a large unwieldy inventory status report. I spoke to Joshua about moving this to Google Sheets and creating a more useful report in general. Joshua did three very important things to complete a successful development project for us: 1. He listened and learned all he needed to know to understand our needs, 2. he provided options so that we could be certain that the direction we were going was the right one for us, and 3. moving from the development version to final deployed version was smooth and painless. We will continue to use Joshua.” -Tom Detelich, Partner, Grandview Homes

Serving You Remotely From Philadelphia

Operating out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we provide value to clients nationwide. Effective communication is key; we utilize screen sharing and virtual meetings. From pain points to solution implementation and follow up, we’re in touch with you every step of the way. Call us and find out how we can help you provide value for your business.

Want to know more? Call now 317-969-5740. Or, describe your needs to Josh below.

    Client Testimonials

    I needed help understanding where my construction business was losing money. Joshua Wilson Consulting upgraded my existing bidding spreadsheet into easy to understand components that helped me increase my margins.

    Chad Sollenberger

    Chad Sollenberger Chad Sollenberger Carpentry

    Josh Wilson has worked with us for many years and has been extremely reliable, accurate and dependable. Our communications have all been electronic and I have to say it has been a convenient, easy and flawless process. Josh meets all deadlines and his work excellent.

    Patty Cortellini

    Patty Cortellini Agency Relations Manager, Second Helpings, Inc.

    I hired Josh Wilson to help forecast revenue for the upcoming year. I was blown away by the data. The robust, yet easy to navigate, spreadsheet helped me making profitable decisions. The service and explanation of each metric was above and beyond my expectations. I use the spreadsheet daily. If you’re a business owner or upper management, you’d be crazy not to hire Josh. Reasonable cost for excellent service.

    Rich Spaulding

    Rich Spaulding Kennesaw Life Real Estate

    As a MS 2016 Excel certified expert, I can say that the Homeowners Insurance Rater Excel sheets that Josh built and I utilized are complex. Mr. Wilson has always been professional while working with myself, my former employer and with his colleagues when it comes to translation of client requirements to project deliverables.

    John Abbatiello

    John Abbatiello MBA, MS MIS, ITIL

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Josh on analytical projects, and his ability to attack a problem from several different angles is great. Definitely a measure-twice-cut-once guy that will fully absorb himself in the business problem, and understand how it is affecting every level of the business, before drawing conclusions.

    Tyson Trotter

    Tyson Trotter Director of Analytics at Coastal Credit

    Joshua is quick, accurate, and reasonable. My new worksheet works great!

    Rob Matthews Uber Driver

    Joshua Wilson did a great job and turned my request around in a few days. I recommend his company for all your spreadsheet needs.

    James Quijano Primos Mexican Food & Cantina