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Accurate algorithms. Faster to market. Reduced risk. Maximized profitability.

Joshua Wilson Consulting designs, creates, and maintains Microsoft Excel insurance rating spreadsheets and workbooks (also known as Microsoft Excel automated insurance raters) that transform your underwriting manuals into rating algorithms and precise specifications.


Our automated Excel insurance raters bring you improved analytics and insights by displaying the rating impact of adjusting rates, discounts, surcharges, and fees. Our raters identify each calculation point, and explain every formula in terms that your “non-numbers people” can understand.


Florida Homeowners Inurance HO3 Rating Workbook developed in Microsoft Excel by Joshua Wilson Consulting


No more rating policies by hand, writing out long form interpolations, or guessing which coverages would be most profitable to bundle. Our Excel rater spreadsheets give you quick and easy quoting, ensure consistency, and help you analyze rating scenarios, such as whether to calculate discounts using the multiplicative or additive method.


More than four dozen insurance policies with various companies use our rating algorithms to accurately rate their policies. We’ve created over fifty automated Excel insurance raters resulting in thousands of satisfied insurance customers.


Whether you’re thinking of offering a new plan, operating in a new state, or revising an existing plan; whether you’re offering homeowners insurance, commercial insurance, flood insurance, or medical malpractice insurance; whether you need analysis, need to create precise software specifications, or need to see your underwriting manual draft in action, put our automated Excel insurance rater team to work for your business.

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