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Accurate spreadsheets and templates. Easy to use. Expertly designed. Built to meet your needs.

Our professional spreadsheet designers provide custom Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, templates, and Google Sheets. Our process ensures that your customized Excel spreadsheets and custom templates  solve your specific business problems. Don’t settle for “just” a spreadsheet programmer. Demand an expert spreadsheet developer who has an eye for design and is dedicated to providing the best user experience. Plan your Excel spreadsheet specifically for PCs, for Apples (Macintosh, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air), or for both.



Custom Website Sales Quotation Model developed in Microsoft Excel by Joshua Wilson Consulting


Common Spreadsheet Needs

You may have one or more of these common spreadsheet needs.

You Need A Reliable Spreadsheet Designed By A Trustworthy Pro

You need an accurate spreadsheet than you can rely on to make decisions. You’re tired of the calculator. You’ve finally said no to back-of-the envelope analysis. You could probably develop a spreadsheet yourself, but you don’t have the time. And you don’t have the energy to research which formula to use, to insert ‘check figures’, and to ensure accuracy

You Need An Efficient Spreadsheet

You have a specific business need that you know a spreadsheet can accomplish. You don’t have the time to research and test every formula that you need. You’re not confident of the accuracy. You’d prefer to outsource the whole thing and be done with it, and quickly.

You Need To Improve A Legacy Spreadsheet

You’ve inherited a spreadsheet that’s slowly stopped working over the years. Your legacy spreadsheet has broken formulas or dubious accuracy. Your spreadsheet has too many errors such as #REF, #NUM, and #N/A.

You Need A Spreadsheet That Appeals To The Eye

You’ve got the functional nuts and bolts down, but you just can’t make it look good. You want a pleasant spreadsheet design that you don’t cringe to look at, and you want a user-friendly spreadsheet experience. You’re going to use your spreadsheet a lot, and you want that experience to be pleasurable. Or at least not miserable.

You Have An Urgent Spreadsheet Deadline

You’re in a pinch and need this done in a week or less. You had an unexpected problem arise which needs an immediate solution. Or you’re just now getting to a known problem, and realize there isn’t much time left.

You Want Proven Results

You know that everyone thinks they know Excel. Until they try to do something new in it. You want a pro whose best practices were honed by building hundreds of spreadsheets. You know that you get the highest value when you hire the best to leverage their experience and efficiency.

You Need A Long-Term Metrics Partner

Your spreadsheet Is just the start. Once your spreadsheet designer has a solution in place, you want a financial analyst consultant to improve profitability and efficiency with a formal metrics program. You want key performance indicators, dashboards, and suggestions from a trusted financial analysis consultant. You want all that without the expense of a full-time financial analysis.

Your Spreadsheet Solution

You Get A Reliable Professional Spreadsheet Design

Your spreadsheet is reliable because it’s accurate. Your spreadsheet is accurate because your designer uses built-in ‘check figures’ and stress tests the formulas. Your spreadsheet is built to encourage consistency and to prevent common errors. Whenever possible, your spreadsheet has drop down lists instead of data entry cells. Your spreadsheet can lock down cells that should not be changed.

You Get An Efficient Spreadsheet

Your Excel formulas are accurate and efficient Excel programming. Your spreadsheet designer know which formulas are memory hogs. Although your spreadsheet designer has 32 GB of RAM, your designer knows that your probably don’t. So, you get a spreadsheet without bulky clunky memory-hogging formulas. And your spreadsheet consultant draws on experience to choose the best, most accurate, least volatile formulas in your spreadsheet.

You Get A Modernized Spreadsheet

Your professionally designed Excel spreadsheet is customized for your needs. Your formulas are audited and improved. Your spreadsheet efficiently utilizes modern Excel features such as Excel tables, pivot tables, pivot charts, slicers, timelines, the data model and power pivot.

You Get An Aesthetically Pleasing Spreadsheet Design

Your spreadsheet looks pleasant to the eye. Your spreadsheet design incorporates best practices learned from hundreds of spreadsheet design experiences. Your spreadsheet has intuitive layout and flow.  Your custom Excel spreadsheet has good spacing between lines and sections and lots of white space.  Your spreadsheet has impactful but unobtrusive coloring and shading. Your spreadsheet designer has studied visualization pioneer Stephen Few, and follows his recommended best practices.

You Get A Spreadsheet Delivered On-Time

You receive your spreadsheet when it is promised. Your rush deadline can probably be met, for a premium price.

You Get Proven Results

Your designer’s mouse has been honed by decades of experience. You join dozens of satisfied customers.


Excel Macro by Joshua Wilson Consulting

You Get A Long-Term Metrics Partner

In addition to a spreadsheet consultant, you get a financial analyst with decades of data experience. You can build on your initial spreadsheet project with dashboards, ODBC live connections to databases, and continuously improving efficiency. You get automation with macros or Microsoft Flow and SharePoint. Your Office 365 consultant taps into the power off multiple apps working together for you. If you can imagine it, you can have it.

Your Benefits

You get peace of mind. You get reliability. You gain the confidence to make impactful business decisions. You find that you suddenly have more time. You no longer have the stress of that old spreadsheet that you hate.  You get relaxation, from the pleasant design. And you find that the value pays for itself.

Your Custom Excel Spreadsheet Design Process

1. Your spreadsheet specialists listen to your needs, ideas, and specifications in a discovery call.


2.  Your spreadsheet gurus examine existing materials that you may have:

    • Lists
    • Screenshots
    • Examples you’ve researched
    • Existing or old spreadsheets. templates, or Google Sheets

3.  Your spreadsheet designers create a proposal with a cost and delivery date.


4.  Your spreadsheet experts revise the proposal based on your feedback.


5.  After you accept the proposal, your Excel spreadsheet programmers develop your bespoke spreadsheet and send you the first draft.  Typically, half of the cost is due up front..


6.  Your Excel experts revise the drafts until you are satisfied with your final customized Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet.


7.  Once you’re completely satisfied, your Google Sheet experts send you the final custom made spreadsheet, custom template, or custom Google Sheet design, and you pay the other half of the cost.


8.  After delivery, your spreadsheet consultants stand behind your custom spreadsheets, custom templates, and custom Google Sheets.  Your consultants will resolve any issues that you might run into.  Work outside the scope of the original project will be charged separately.

Professional Excel Spreadsheet Designers v. Excel Programmers

Your Excel spreadsheet designers have a natural eye for design honed by years of experience. A friendly user experience requires:

  • Accuracy
  • Intuitive layout and flow
  • Lots of white space
  • Good spacing between lines and sections
  • Impactful but unobtrusive coloring and shading

Many Excel spreadsheet “designers” are really just Excel programmers who do fine creating accurate formulas, but lack the skill set to provide a user-friendly experience and design that is pleasant to the eye. You demand excellence, and with us, you get the whole package.

Spreadsheet Client Feedback

Here’s what our custom spreadsheet design clients are saying about our work:


“We contacted Josh after doing a Google search for customized Excel programs. We needed to reduce time spent administering a complicated attendance program of a labor contract. Immediately we found Josh to be professional and responsive. Josh listened and provided the knowledge and technical skills to reduce a 15 hour per week process down to 10 minutes! Above all he was persistent in finding a solution. After this experience we were all left with the confidence that Josh could do anything! We highly recommend Josh’s services to any company and look forward to his expertise with future projects.” -Sandi Reichert, HR Manager and Lisa Smith, IT Administrator, Torrance Casting, La Crosse, WI


“I’ve enlisted Joshua’s services on 2 major projects, and he was outstanding. Great attention to detail, a very collaborative approach, delivered on-time, excellent followup.  I would definitely recommend him as a financial software resource.” -Porter Blackburn, Marketing Consultant


“Consummate Professional! Mr. Wilson doesn’t oversell you on what you think you need, but opens your mind up to options that make more business sense than you originally planned for. He is a responsive and punctual professional. It was a pleasure to do business with him and I hope to do more in the future!-Josh Sargent, Miller Pipeline


Joshua Wilson did a great job and turned my request around in a few days. I recommend his company for all your spreadsheet needs.-James Quijano, Primos Mexican Food & Cantina


“I needed help understanding where my construction business was losing money. Joshua Wilson Consulting upgraded my existing bidding spreadsheet into easy to understand components that helped me increase my margins.” -Chad Sollenberger, Sollenberger Carpentry LLC, Sarasota, FL


My experience with Joshua was found to be very pleasant and consistent. Joshua was very patient with me. Computers and spreadsheets is not my area, however, Joshua was able to get me to communicate with him what I was looking for and he completed the job having created exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend him and I will be using him in the future. Thank you so much Joshua, you’re spread sheet my working life SO much easier…..-Kari Christen, Appraiser, Las Vegas, NV


“I hired Josh Wilson to help forecast revenue for the upcoming year. I was blown away by the data. The robust, yet easy to navigate, spreadsheet helped me making profitable decisions. The service and explanation of each metric was above and beyond my expectations. I use the spreadsheet daily. If you’re a business owner or upper management, you’d be crazy not to hire Josh. Reasonable cost for excellent service.” -Rich Spaulding, Kennesaw Life Real Estate, Kennesaw, GA


I am not the greatest when it comes to computers. I hired Joshua Wilson to make a spreadsheet (or whatever you would call it) To keep track of my clientele. Joshua was able to make exactly what I was wanting. I had some questions about how to do certain things and Joshua Wilson took the time to explain and show me how to maneuver throughout the sheet.-Michael Wilson, Barnett’s Bail Bonds


“Joshua is quick, accurate, and reasonable. My new worksheet works great!” -Rob Matthews, Uber Driver


Recent Spreadsheet Projects

Here are some of the custom Excel spreadsheet and custom Google Sheets projects that our spreadsheet designers have recently developed or worked on:

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    • Fishbone Diagram Spreadsheet
    • Employee Evaluation Spreadsheet with Likert Scale
    • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Program Evaluation Form with Likert Scale
    • Gym Membership-Leads-Sales Spreadsheet with Dashboard
    • Custom Home Building Bidding Worksheet
    • Project Management Step By Step Tracking Grid Spreadsheet
    • 2018 New Tax Code Calculator
    • Mortgage Commissions Calculator
    • Assisted Living Future Cash Flow Calculator
    • Web Development Sales Quotation Model
    • Insurance Agency Referral Partner Tracking Spreadsheet
    • Wine Sales and Inventory Tracking Spreadsheet
    • Voice Over IP (VOIP) Sales Quotation Spreadsheet
    • Custom Countertop Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Spreadsheet
    • Employee Schedule With Overtime Spreadsheet
    • Apartment Building Expense Tracking Spreadsheet
    • Personal Trainer Workout Planning Spreadsheet
    • Insurance Agency Commission Tracking and Reporting Spreadsheet
    • Promotional Products Drip Marketing Campaign Management Spreadsheet
    • Event Management Project Tracking and Reporting Spreadsheet
    • Doctor’s Office Marketing Return On Investment Spreadsheet
    • Electrician Weekly Job Costing Spreadsheet
    • Electrician Financial Statements Spreadsheet
    • Landscaping Indirect Time Reporting Dashboards
    • Landscaping Project Bidding Reporting Dashboards
    • Equipment Inventory Spreadsheet Redesign
    • Hotel Buy or Build Cash Flow Analysis and Dashboard
    • Video Production Bidding Spreadsheet
    • Uber Lyft Driver Spreadsheet

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