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Your business has multiple key metrics and a lot of moving parts. You’re tired of looking at reports from multiple sources. The reports aren’t standardized, the fonts and spacing are hard to read, and the color sometimes distract you. You don’t have the time to spend cross-referencing reports and data sources. At the end of a long workday, you don’t have the energy to mentally calculate trends. You recognize red flags for your business, but the days aren’t long enough to comb through the numbers to identify them all. And you have a vague feeling that you’re not getting as much as you could out of your data.


Your Excel dashboard is a single-screen display. Your dashboard is standardized, simplified, and gives you trustworthy results. You control your Excel dashboard. Focus in or out of date ranges or business segments with Excel slicers and timeline controls. You’re the pilot in your cockpit, and these are your instrument controls. You’ll spot turbulence before it’s upon you, and you’ll have time to change course. As you grow familiar with your dashboard, you’ll recognize potential trouble at a glance.


Your dashboard brings your data to life. A glance at your Excel dashboard is a glance at the state of your business. Your Excel dashboard tells the story of your data. Your dashboard gives you the best graph for each key performance indicator (KPI). Your Excel dashboard designer provides the optimal layout to most efficiently communicate the story of your business.


You get professional Excel dashboard consultants. Your Excel dashboard pro’s eye for design and experience gives you a leg up. Your Excel dashboard designer has studied dashboard pioneer Stephen Few and follow his best practices. Your dashboard is high on data and low on ink, minimizing distractions to improve your focus. Your dashboard has discerning use of color. If everything is bright, nothing stands out. Your Excel dashboard designers use light colors strategically coordinated so you intuitively understand.


Your Excel dashboard design comes last – or first! Typically, dashboard design is the final step – after data is organized, cleansed, and KPI’s are defined. But if you already know what you need to see, your dashboard designer will develop a dashboard mockup, then work towards that goal throughout the project. Whatever stage you’re in, your dashboard team provides immediate insights to improve the bottom line.


Your dashboard saves you time, energy, and frustration. You gain accuracy and confidence.  Your dashboard empowers you, focuses you, and keeps you free of distraction.  Your dashboard is efficient and you will understand it intuitively. Your dashboard  brings you business relaxation.


Your dashboards focus your attention on the areas of your business that need attention. Your dashboard shows trends, compares performance to objectives, and alerts you to peril.


Loans Dashboard using bar graphs, line graphs, column graphs, and slicer controls. Metrics include By Type, By Amount By Type, By Date Closed, By Days To Close, By Loan Amount Funded bucket, Top 5 Loan Officers, Top 5 Processors

Microsoft Excel Loans Dashboard created by Joshua Wilson Consulting



Microsoft Excel Vendor Comparison Dashboard from Joshua Wilson Consulting

Google Sheets Dashboard Design

Prefer to have a custom Google Sheets dashboard? No problem. Our dashboard designers can deliver custom Google Sheets dashboards, custom Microsoft Excel dashboards, or both.


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