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Simplifying. Illuminating. Empowering.

Our graph consultants design custom graphs, charts, and diagrams that visually explain relationships between data points, help viewers explore the numbers, and communicate your message.  Our graph consultants design custom charts in multiple spreadsheet platforms, including Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.


The default Microsoft Excel graphs are ugly, are clunky, use colors that are too bright, and generally have too much chart junk. Our bespoke graphs educate your audience simply, clearly and without distraction.


Custom Chart & Graph Design Best Practices

When we create a custom graph in Microsoft Excel, our graph designers start with the ‘out of the box’ Excel graphs, then make the following improvements:


Choose the best graph to fit your data. Even expert graphing consultants will often graph a data set multiple ways. This graph consulting process identifies the most effective way to communicates the data set’s story–as simply as possible. This essential step is easier said than done. It takes experience and often a knack for communicating data visually. Graph consulting, when done well, makes the message jump of the screen to the viewer.


Remove grid lines and unnecessary ink. A graph best communicates its data set’s message when it does so simply–maximizing the message while minimizing ink used. By default, Microsoft Excel graphs use more grid lines than are necessary, so our graph designers typically eliminate most or all of the grid lines on our custom charts.


Lighten overpowering colors. The Microsoft Excel default graph colors are not good. They overwhelm the eye. When we make a custom graph, our chart designers lighten these overpowering colors to more pleasant earth tones. Skilled graph consultants exclude everything that is not absolutely necessary.


Read Stephen Few. We’ve studied visualization pioneer Stephen Few in detail. We own three of his books, and have spent hours reading his blog and publications.


Joshua Wilson Consulting you get data literacy at a glance


You don’t need to spend a lot of time trying to communicate complex relationships. With Joshua Wilson Consulting you get data literacy at a glance. Whether you need customized Microsoft Excel Charts or Google Sheet graph design, put our graphing consultants to work for your business.


Our Excel Dashboard Consultants. Once you have professional graphs, Excel dashboard designs are often the next step. Check out our Excel dashboard service.

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