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Pattern detecting. Revealing. Actionable.

Our analytics and data consultants provide data analysis, insights, and sensemaking that increase revenues, reduce expenses, and make your business more efficient.


Our data analysis highlights points of interest and reveals items worthy of more investigation to increase revenue, reduce inefficiencies and make your business more profitable.


reduce inefficiencies and make your business more profitable.


Whether you’ve already identified your key performance indicators (KPI’s) or would like analytics consulting to assist you getting there, the end result is the same. You don’t have to spend a lot of time poring over the numbers to discover hidden relationships between data points or searching for cross-marketing opportunities. With our data consulting services whether it’s one-time analysis, or weekly KPI’s, you get an executive dashboard with powerful insights.


Data Cleansing. Our data consultants can clean your dirty data. We had a client with thousands of names. First Name, Last Name, and other name fields. But, the data was all scrambled up. Sometimes the First Name field said John and Suzy Smith.  There were all kinds of crazy combinations. So we started writing formulas and kept writing them, until we had all the name combinations split apart properly, and assigned to their proper First Name, Last Name, and other name fields. We can do the same for your data!


Confidential HIPAA Compliant Data Templates. We had a client that needed to match the old Patient ID with new Patient ID.  The client had two separate lists, one with the old Patient ID, and another with the new Patient ID.  Each list also had the patient’s First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, Date Of Birth, and Gender. The client needed to put the new Patient ID with the old one, but didn’t want to give us the data.  So, using Excel tables, we created a template with formulas that brought the new Patient ID over to the list that had the old Patient ID.  If you need to know if any contamination alarms went off during childbirth in the delivery wing of a hospital, but don’t want to give us your data, our data consultants can still help! We can create a confidential HIPAA Compliant Data Template to combine your data sets and give you the insights that you need to increase safety. We can solve your HIPAA Data needs–without even needing the data!


Ad Hoc Data Analysis. Our data consultants unlock the secrets of your data, by identifying the shape of the data, We use our analytics consulting experience to show you insights with simple but powerful custom graphs, custom dashboards, pivot tables, and slicers.


Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Identification. If you’re just starting out your business intelligence program, our analytics consultants can guide conversations to identify the key performance indicators vital to your business’s success.


Ongoing Data Analysis. Once you’ve identified your KPI’s, our data consultants build executive dashboards for your team. We automate the dashboard process as much as possible, and as necessary update or vet the numbers on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. This process often uncovers new KPI’s to dashboard to increase your analytical insight.


Comprehensive Analytics Consulting Services. You tell us your analytics consultants your ‘perfect world’ goals, where you’re at today, and current pain points. Together, we create a plan to achieve your goals. As each week and month passes, your insight into your business grows, until you feel like the pilot in the cockpit.


Put our data consulting and analytics consulting to work for you!


Recent Projects

Almost all of our projects involve at least some data analysis, but here are a few recent projects where our data and analytics consulting really shined:

    • Year To Year Profit Margin Variance Analysis
    • Name Mismatch Data Cleansing Solution
    • Project Feasibility Analysis and Dashboards

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