Financial Modeling Service

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Accurate modeling. Attractive layout. Intuitive design. Built by a seasoned professional.

You get dependable financial models customized to give your decision makers the insights they need. Your financial model provide you with C-Suite presentation level quality. Your executive summaries are high on relevant information and low on ink. When you buy our custom-made financial models, you avoid chart junk, distracting shading, and obtrusively dark borders, so you can focus on making informed business decisions.


Joshua Wilson Consulting provides dependable financial models


When your analytics team is shorthanded or your workload outweighs capacity, our financial modeling consultants provide immediate proficiency without the hassles of more overtime or staffing up immediately.


Financial modeling is a subset of our custom spreadsheet design service. Click here for more information.


Recent Projects

Here are some of the financial modeling projects that we’ve recently developed or worked on:

    • Business Valuation Spreadsheet Model
    • Compensation Spreadsheet Model
    • Year To Year Profit Margin Variance Analysis
    • Hotel Buy or Build Cash Flow Analysis and Dashboard
    • Custom Countertop Key Performance Metrics Spreadsheet
    • Electrician Financial Statements Spreadsheet

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