Export QuickBooks Data To Excel

 - Export QuickBooks Data To Excel

You Need More Than QuickBooks Reports

Your company uses QuickBooks. But you need detailed data that you can’t get from QuickBooks reports. Not even custom reports have what you need.


Unless maybe if you run many reports individually. And then there’s the data entry to your Excel models and projections. You know the devil is in the details but you don’t have time to enter them. You don’t have time for data entry at all. You need to get data directly from QuickBooks back end tables.

You Need Automated Reporting From Quickbooks To Excel

You want to get your QuickBooks data by pressing a button. Or just clicking refresh.


Maybe you’ve heard of an Excel ODBC connection. Maybe you haven’t. It doesn’t matter. But you suspect there’s some way to QuickBooks root data onto a spreadsheet. And you are right as rain, there is.


Your schedule is busy. You only have time to click and analyze. You want to nail down the report you need. You want to evolve it. Then pay someone to automate it. Your time is valuable. You should be CFOing, not summer interning.

Your Live QODBC Data Connection From Quickbooks To Excel

Your QODBC consultant has done this before. Your QuickBooks to Excel consultant is familiar with the back end table structure of QuickBooks. Your consultant starts with the end product you need, then works backwards to the data.


Once you’re satisfied with your live spreadsheet, your consultant can tweak and add to your reporting as your needs evolve.

Ask your QuickBooks-Excel automation consultant about your project: